Venues for Hire

Venues For Hire at Affordable Rates

We understand the needs of the community and this is one of the values that inform the choice of our services. We are out to serve the members of the community in the best ways possible and we stop at nothing in doing this. To ensure we deliver services that match the needs of the community, we go the extra mile to determine what members could possibly need and how best to serve them. Our aim is to provide support to the community to foster community building and strengthen the community accordingly.

In doing this, we offer different venues for hire. We understand that community members may have the needs for a venue for different purposes. Be it for dinners or classes, our venues are affordable and accessible to community members. We ensure that members of the community can access the venues when they need it. The purpose of the venues is also split into varieties. You can use our venues by contacting us through our contact page and we will respond swiftly. Our prices are also affordable and ensure that your access to the venues is unhindered.

There are various venues you can use. They are as follows:

Activity Room

Depending on availability, the activity room is available for hire. If you have a small program to plan and you need a small venue that can accommodate about 40 people, this venue is the right spot for you. It contains chairs and all you need and makes for comfort throughout your program. With a fridge, disables toilets, and a microwave, this activity serves the purpose of small programs that need a convenient environment to run.

Community groups can take advantage of this room to hold meetings or sessions where they can discuss community-related matters or other important matters. The room affords them the convenience they need to discuss for a lengthy or short period based on their needs. The activity room is also suitable for business organisations who plan to hold business meetings. The room makes for a perfect business meeting spot because of its compact and comfortable nature.

Our prices are pocket friendly. You can hire the room for a price ranging from $21/hour for non-funded community groups up to $42/hour for business organisations. This pricing goes to show our support for community groups and our dedication to community building by strengthening community groups.

To access the room, you have to pay a sum of $100 which shall be refunded one ce your return the key to the room. This is to helps keep things in check.

Heritage Hut

Located at the same place as the centre, this hut has the capacity to accommodate over 75 people with chairs and tables. It has ladies and gents’ toilets and a self-contained kitchen. If you are looking for a perfect place to have get-togethers or mini-events, the hut makes for a good pick to host such events. It has a serene and calm environment. It is well-lighted to suit the needs of a calming environ.

You can access the Hut seven days a week and the opening time is between 8:30 am – 8:30 pm. However, you should note that the Hut is not available for parties. To get the set of things you can use the Hut for, reach out to the Centre and you will get a swift response on the use of the Hut.

You can also hire the Hut for a sum of $21 for non-funded community groups, while the price for business organisations is pegged at $42. There is also a $100 to pay. Which is refundable once you return the key. The pricing method used by the Centre goes to show the level of importance it ascribes to supporting the needs of the community.

You can reach out to confirm availability and pricing.

Training Room

If you are in need of a place for training, the training room is appropriate for that purpose. The room is suitable for small group meetings that require a convenient place to learn and share knowledge. It is designed to serve the purpose of training and lessons. To organise a training class on computer, this room is designed to serve those needs and provide you with the structure you need to have an excellent experience of learning.

The availability of the training room is during the weekends. You can reach out to the centre to get more details on hiring, pricing, and any other information.


Our rooms are up for hire at affordable rates. This is geared to demonstrate our support for community building and community groups. We understand that groups will have the needs to use rooms and this informs our decisions on pricing. So, our rooms are affordable, especially for community groups.