Get Involved

Get Involved With Community Building

Getting involved with us is getting involved in community building. Our activities are built on strengthening the community and helping to advance the community further. We understand the needs of the community and ensure that these needs are adequately met. We provide services that best suit the interests of the community. Our expert volunteers aggregate the interests of the community and we use that in tailoring our services to serve the needs of the people. By engaging in data collection, we are able to adequately tailor our services to match the needs of the members.

Our services rely on the effort of volunteers. We leverage the expertise of our volunteers to get the best services and match the needs of the members. We are always in need of volunteers to carry out our services. To make ARCSI thrive, we employ the services of volunteers across various capacities. Therefore, if you want to contribute to our services and growth, you can get involved. Our volunteers are experts in the different categories they work and they deliver excellent results.

Our services

We offer several services to the community through which you can get involved with our program. Our services are tailored to the realities of the community and we engage these realities with practical solutions that can solve the problems.


We offer various classes to suit the needs of the community. We understand that the community has members with learning needs. As such, we aggregated these needs and came up with the necessary classes to suit them.

We offer English classes to participants to help them gain more mastery of English. Whether old or middle-aged, our classes are taught using the most effective teaching methods that make for ease and understanding. We design our curriculum in such a way that it fits the needs of our participants perfectly. With our English classes, we help members of the community have more grasp of the English language and carry on conversations adequately. For anyone looking for a convenient learning centre, this class is appropriate.

We also offer citizenship classes through which we educate members who want to sit their citizenship test on the best ways to write and ace the tests. Our citizenship classes are taught by experts who understand the details and fundamentals of citizenship tests. They leverage their experience and expertise to deliver the best tips that will help participants get the desired results they need. We deliver these classes with effective teaching methods that ensure our participants get value for their time.

We also offer computer classes for members to help them become more computer savvy and gain more insights into the technology world. We break these classes into sessions to ensure we achieve the best results. We also engage practical methods to deliver what seems difficult in a fun and interactive way. Our computer classes are built to serve the needs of the participants and they have proved effective so far.

Venues For Hire

We also have venues for hire at affordable prices. You can hire our venues for different purposes from hangouts to business meetings and community group sessions. We have an activity room which can be used for different purposes and has up to 40 chairs. We also have the Hut which has up to 80 chairs and serves a perfect place for meetings. We also have a training room where you can learn different things such as computer classes.

Volunteer Capacity

We employ volunteers across different areas and this is where the strength of our centre lies. If you are looking to join our centre, there are various things to gain. You get to make new friends and learn relevant skills. There are various people skills you can learn from volunteering with us. Our volunteering experience offers a whole and comprehensive one which ensures that you become a better version of yourself. If you are looking to grab in-demand skills through volunteering, you definitely should look to our services and join in building the community for impacts.

Here are the jobs available:

You can volunteer as our receptionist. You can work on a rolling basis based on your availability. This makes it easy to navigate with your other works and activities you may have to do.

You can also work with us as a driver. As a driver, you will be responsible for collecting groceries from stores, among other things. This is also based on your availability and it’s on a rolling basis. Therefore, you can conveniently match it with your other activities without hindering them or compromising excellence.

You can also volunteer with us for general cleaning. Our general cleaning service is also on a rolling basis and you can effortlessly do it alongside your other engagements. To apply for any volunteer position, you can use the application form and email it to our centre. We will respond back swiftly.

Make a Donation

You can donate to support our mission. We accept tax-deductible donations, which can also be of clothing, food, and sometimes furniture.