Computer Class

Learn Computer With Ease

We believe community building is essential and one of the most effective ways to achieve that is through the constant education of the community. One of the necessary things to learn in this modern age is the use of a computer. For community members with no fundamental knowledge on the use of a computer, navigating the internet and other devices can be difficult. This often creates a technology gap in communities, as members may be unable to use technology devices effectively. This often leads to the digital gap we find existing today.

As such, there is a need for classes that can teach this subject effectively, so that community members can be computer-savvy. This makes for a more computer literate community, thereby making it possible for members of the community t0 use their devices and other elements of technology. This is the notion that informed the establishment of our computer classes through which we teach the subject of computer and all the things participants need to know to become computer literate. By so doing, we further solidify our position in advancing the community and matching the needs of the members.


The core value in our teaching lies in simplicity. As technical as computer classes may be, we teach it in a simple way that makes for the easy understanding of participants. We ensure to breakdown the classes in such a way that allow old members and middle-aged to find the classes soothing and learn adequately. We understand the community we are serving and this informs the way we teach our classes.’

Using a computer is simple, but if not adequately taught, it can be difficult. This is why we employ effective teaching methods that ensure the lessons are passed in such simple ways that participants can learn conveniently.

Effective Teaching Methods

Computer can be tricky to learn. Things that have to do with technology often pose as challenging. However, with our effective teaching methods, we solve this problem effortlessly. We employ effective teaching methods that allow for ease and convenience. Our methods make teaching fun and straightforward. Understanding the needs of our participants, we do not teach as though we are in a school. Instead, we teach as though we are in a community where we specifically have to serve the needs of the members.

Specifically Designed Curriculum

Our curriculum is specifically designed for the purpose. We want to serve the members in the best way possible. As such, the curriculum is designed in a way that contemplates the needs of the participants and allows for their maximised learning. If you are looking for a learning environment where you can learn in different sessions and understand effectively, you should sign up for our computer classes.

Experienced Teachers

Our teachers are experienced and understand the nitty-gritty of computer. They also understand their audience. They have been teaching in this regard and serving communities for years. This gives them the people skills they need to deal with and address you in the most appropriate ways. They also understand the most effective methods to teach the classes.