About Us

Welcome to Acacia Ridge & Districts Community Centre

We are a community centre located in Acacia Ridge providing a variety of community services cutting across classes, venues for hire, meeting rooms, and several community projects. We are a non-profit centre thriving to support local communities through practical solutions that contemplate and serve their needs.

Our services are constantly evolving to match the evolving realities of communities. You can gain access to our services by perusing our website and going through our calendar.

Our Mission

Our mission is to continue fostering innovative solutions to help local communities solve emerging needs.

Our Vision

We aim to be the major centre providing support to communities concerning their needs through practical solutions. We aim to foster community building by ensuring community members are up to par with regard to skills and practical solutions. Our services are informed by the realities and needs of the community.

Our Values

We have several values guiding our service offerings. These values inform the way we render our services and the things we contemplate when doing so.


Our focal point is the provision of support to communities in areas where they need it. We tailor our services to form a sort of backbone for community members and allow them to access services that serve their needs. We help strengthen the community through the provision of excellent services that cut across various age ranges. We also offer education on English and Computer to make some community members more computer literate and technology-oriented.

Support is the core of our centre. Asides from education, we also provide venues for hire which community members can take advantage of to hold meetings and to hold computer training. This makes for convenience and allows for the practicality of the things learnt in class.

Expert Volunteers

Our volunteers are experts and are constantly receiving training to learn on the job and get better. We also constantly recruit volunteers which ensures we have an unlimited supply of volunteers to deliver our services. Our volunteers have years of experience in the category they work with us and this makes them suitable to deliver excellent services that serve the needs of the community.

Community building

At the crux of our mission is community building, we prioritize community building and all our services accrue to this. Our goal is to ensure the community continues to progress through our support and relevant services. Through our practical solutions, we ensure the development of the community and the advancement of the members.


Our paid services are affordable. We deliberately set the price at a low price. Our venue for hire comes at a low price for community groups as against business organisations. This goes to demonstrate our regard for community development and support. By so doing, we ensure that community groups are strengthened and can carry on their services.