Acacia Ridge & Districts Community Centre

Welcome to Acacia Ridge & Districts Community Centre

We provide innovative solutions to serve the needs of local communities.

We are a community centre located in Acacia Ridge providing a variety of community services cutting across classes, venues for hire, meeting rooms, and several community projects. We are a non-profit centre thriving to support local communities through practical solutions that contemplate and serve their needs.

Our services are constantly evolving to match the evolving realities of communities. You can gain access to our services by perusing our website and going through our calendar.

What we do


Counselling is one of the most important things needed in communities to foster development and ensure that community members are in a good state. With effective counselling, the needs of community members can be addressed and they can have an avenue to speak to someone about the things that bother them. There is a need for counselling in communities so that everyone can have access to quality services that help to shape their lives.

Emergency Financial Counselling

Money issues are big issues faced by adults today. You may be struggling to pay your credit card or have a pending legal action concerning your finances. Your electricity bill may be overdue or you may be facing some troubles making enough to feed yourself and your family. These are common money problems that people face and are often in need of someone who can help them navigate the situation. You may wonder whether someone truly needs financial counselling, after all, counselling will not put money in their pocket. However, this is a wrong notion, as financial counselling can be all you need to see financial gaps you weren’t seeing.

Community Development

Community development is a key part of every community. There is a need to advance the community from one point to a higher one. The advancement of the community goes a long way in ensuring that the community continues to maintain its relevance. A community cannot merely exist without making efforts to improve its situation and move up the ladder. With community development strategies, communities can become their better versions and also serve the needs of their members.

Multicultural Women’s Group

Fostering the interest of women is one of the most essential things to do in a community. Women in the community require a platform which offers them support and provides them with a safe space where they can have discussions with other women. The essence of the multicultural women’s group cannot be overstated. By offering women the avenue to get the support they need to engage their local communities and build support networks, this group remains essential to the cause of women.

English Conversations

We make available an English teacher that takes English classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The class is aimed at developing the English-speaking abilities of the participants. This sharpens the participants’ understanding of English and provides them with what they must do to have a deft mastery of the language. If you are looking for a place to get all the knowledge you need to engage in quality English conversations, our English classes will serve that purpose adequately.


Citizenship is a topic that interests a number of people. People who do not have citizenship want to understand how they can go about it. They seek the necessary information on the process. These are key things that need to be taught by those with a deft understanding of such. Fortunately, we not only provide for classes on citizenship but also have experienced teachers that can take the classes and communicate the processes effectively.

Computer Class

We believe community building is essential and one of the most effective ways to achieve that is through the constant education of the community. One of the necessary things to learn in this modern age is the use of a computer. For community members with no fundamental knowledge on the use of a computer, navigating the internet and other devices can be difficult. This often creates a technology gap in communities, as members may be unable to use technology devices effectively. This often leads to the digital gap we find existing today.

Stitched Up

Our centre is filled with varieties. We offer different things that make the community an interesting place to be. We offer varying designs that can beautify you and give you a glamourous appearance for your days and events. Our tailors have years of experience in creating the best styles and designs that can best suit your looks and appearance. We offer various designs from which you can select. If you are a lover of styles, you can make your choice known to our tailors and they will get you the look you deserve.

Venues For Hire

We understand that community members may have the needs for a venue for different purposes. Be it for dinners or classes, our venues are affordable and accessible to community members. We ensure that members of the community can access the venues when they need it. The purpose of the venues is also split into varieties. You can use our venues by contacting us through our contact page and we will respond swiftly.

Get Involved

Getting involved with us is getting involved in community building. Our activities are built on strengthening the community and helping to advance the community further. We understand the needs of the community and ensure that these needs are adequately met. We provide services that best suit the interests of the community. Our expert volunteers aggregate the interests of the community and we use that in tailoring our services to serve the needs of the people.